Our Story

From Finance to Farming

We are Stephanie and Jeremiah. We decided to become farmers and homesteaders during a two year journey around the world. It started when we quit our jobs in finance and packed up our Los Angeles home. We had blossoming careers and corporate success, but something was missing. We were chronically stressed and unfulfilled. So we decided to take a leap of faith and search for deeper meaning. Our travels began in the America’s with an intention of reconnecting to nature. We were introduced to permaculture in Costa Rica and later returned to earn our Permaculture Design Certificates. Our love of food and cooking grew more deeply in Europe. We attended cooking classes, lived on farms, and visited farmer’s markets throughout the continent. It became clear that we had found our calling. We traveled back home to the United States in search of land and opportunity. We settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Our dream to farm and share our experiences through food has only just begun...